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Colliers International Indonesia
Head Office
World Trade Center, 10F and 14F
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31
Jakarta, 12920
Phone    : 62(21) 521-1400
Fax        : 62(21) 521-1411

Colliers FM Operations Office

Jl. Prapanca Raya No. 34
Jakarta, 12160
Phone    : 62(21) 7279-5156
Fax        : 62(21) 7279-5205


Didit Priyono
Assistant Manager
62(21) 521-1400 Ext. 120
62(81) 159-2172 (mobile)

Internship Guidelines

IT Department

Type of Activities
  • Develop Software: Either software for our Core Business or Supporting Division
  • Project of Software Procurement: Sometimes we decided to open tender of software development to vendors or buy off-the-shelf software from vendors. The internee will help us to manage the project: you will learn how to prepare the tender, qualifiying and inviting vendors, defining evaluation criteria and deliverables, drafting vendor contract with confidentiality statements, etc
  • Local/Internet Network/Hardware Setup
  • Research
Internship Topics

You could suggest your favorite topic to us (preferably in which you are obsessed with). Otherwise we will determine the topic for your internship.

Internship Time

3 Months

Place to Work
  • Office
  • Home (only when you're already at the finishing phase of your project)
  • Daily Review: you and your supervisor will sit together and discuss what works you've completed yesterday, find solutions to your in progress work difficulties, and decide your next action plan for your works
  • Monthly Presentation: you will present your work to the management, you will learn what you should present to them (and what you should left behind!)
  • Working software product (code, test, database)
  • Manual/how to/help pages for user/administrator and presentation slides
  • Presentation, installation and training to user/administrator
  • Documentation (Cross Functional Diagram, ER Diagram, Use Case)
  • Internship Report (that you submit to the faculty)
  • Written request from the students (i.e. to develop software) to IT dept
  • Student Interview with IT dept
  • IT dept propose internship scope of work, activity plan & supervisor to HR
  • Approval process from HR
  • Initial briefing from HR & supervisor to student
  • Collection and signage of documents:
    • Students: Letter from Faculty, Current class schedule, CV, KTP, Photograph, Bank Info
    • HR: Internship contract, Request for Transfer Template Form
  • Internship works and supervision
  • Presentation to HR, MD and other related parties
  • Installation and training to user/administrator (if applicable)
  • Deliverables collection
PC Allocation
  • Desktop PC
Number of Students/Internship Period

1-2 Students

Internship Periods for 2010
  • June - September (campus long holiday)
Benefits to Student
  • Learn to use English for writing, speaking & making presentations
  • Learn how to work with short term goals and get help in achieving it
  • Learn how to work with feedback and adjust your plan with it
  • Learn how you should present your work to management
  • Learn how to arrange a meeting with key business users and management
  • Learn how to know what the user wants, decide which features to implement (and which to ignore!) and get real feedback
  • Learn to develop software from coding till implementation and deployment to remote sites
  • Learn how to train user to use the software you've developed
  • Learn how to get the user's feedback after software release, to plan the next release
  • Learn about property consulting business, from leasing, selling, representation, management and valuation (and get to know the influential people in this business)
  • Personal satisfactions:
    • You will develop software that people use (and they will be very grateful with what you develop for them)
    • You will get daily feedbacks (so you know you're in the right path and therefore can avoid procastination)
    • You will release working software every month (not just prototypes)
  • Daily transport reimbursement (To be determined later)

Current Period

June - September 2010

How to Apply

Send your CV, current class schedule, preferred topic, preferred working time/place, and preferred start/end date of work to

Hall of Fame

Fasilkom UI 2001
Company Phone Reporter System
January - March 2006
Andung Wicaksono
Fasilkom UI 2002
Leave Management System
March - May 2006
Akmal Gafar
Fasilkom UI 2002
Company Internet Reporter System
March - May 2006
Shinta Effendy
Fasilkom UI 2003
Referral Fee Approval
June - August 2006
Nova Eka Diana
Fasilkom UI 2003
Meeting Reservation System
June - August 2006
Fasilkom UI 2002
Client Newsletter Database
June - August 2006
Mellawaty Rusydi
Fasilkom UI 2004
Recruitment, Hiring & Employment Change Request
July - September 2007
Adrianus Wisnu Kurniawan
Fasilkom UI 2004
Purchase Request/Order System
July - September 2007
Mulyandra Pratama
Fasilkom UI 2005
Medical Reimbursement System
July - September 2008
Fasilkom UI 2006
Commission/Fee Request
June - August 2009
Christian Regensius
Fasilkom UI 2007
Service Request - Property Management System
June - August 2010
Ridwan Mulyadi
Fasilkom UI 2007
Valuation Management System
June - August 2010
Steffi Melinda
Fasiltas UI 2008
Intranet Dashboard Approval for Mobile
June - August 2011
Fasilkom UI 2008
Migration Telp & Internet Report and Meeting Reservation
June - August 2011
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